Amanda Dries

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Amanda, born in Wales, is an experienced Ayurvedic masseur & practitioner and also a Yoga teacher with her own practice in Wassenaar at

She started her study to become an Ayurvedic practitioner at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies back in 2010, where they focussed on the classical Vedic text.

After meeting Yoga Master Guru Yogi Shivan and then years later coming in contact with Practitioner Tory Hyndman, she became inspired to study Ayurveda and is so thankful they helped point her in this direction. Ayurveda was everything she had been looking for. The study consisted of Nutritional Science, herbal Medicine, treatments, yoga and breathing techniques and how to help and advice others to live a more balanced lifestyle. It came into her life like it was meant to be and she is so passionate to pass on her knowledge to others.

In 2015 she did her internship in Kerela India, where Doctor Vijith and Dr Vidya have their clinic and hospital (Sreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram). Here the students had intense practical and theoretical training with patients, observing the preparations of Ayurvedic herbal remedies and decoctions which were grown on their land.

Ayurveda is a study for life, Amanda wishes to continue learning and growing with her own personal development,  she hopes to give people awareness and to provide healing treatments that she has learnt through her teachers and Masters.

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