It all started by asking ‘ Why’

Juicy Chemistry was born of Pritesh and Megha Asher’s relentless ability to question everything they knew about the world of beauty and personal care.

Right from when they founded Juicy back in 2014, they’ve completely transformed the landscape of organic and natural personal care in India, just by asking the right questions every step of the way. Because of this, they’ve managed to put together a truly efficacious range of 100% organic and natural beauty products with exciting and innovative Ayurvedic ingredients and formulations.

“Over several years, we’ve worked hard to make sure to question how best to bring nature to our customers in its most unadulterated form, from soil-to-shelf.

And it all started with asking ‘Why’.

We question everything we do, every formulation, ingredient, source, and every product’s efficacy.”


This is why we are the real deal:

When we decided to hunt for the highest authority that could evaluate our means and ways of doing what we do, all roads led us to ECOCERT. 

ECOCERT is a prominent organic certification organization based in France, under which COSMOS is the highest global organic standard for the cosmetic industry. 

After undergoing a rigorous audit, various farm visits, factory visits, soil tests, water tests, and recording of data, we made the cut. This means: 

  • We are environmentally friendly with our production and processing,
  • Human health and wellness is a priority in all our processes,
  • We work only with green chemicals and have cut out all petrochemicals,
  • We use natural resources responsibly,
  • All our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable,
  • We truly have a clear absence of GMO (Genetically modified Organisms),
  • We actively respect biodiversity while going about our work.

We are proud our organic methods and products are truly beneficial to everyone involved, be it our workers, our partners, our customers, and the planet itself.


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