The Eye Pillow – Meadow Flower

250 gr

Perfect sleep, travel, and relaxation companion.
The ultimate night’s sleep and full body & mind relaxation is just a pillow away.

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SKU: IKEP- Meadow Flower

Filled with rice for weight and calming flowers of lavender for scent, this eye pillow will relax and rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit.

Each eye pillow is a unique piece made from stunning vintage hand-woven silk kimonos with traditional Japanese motives such as bamboo, red acer leaves, cherry blossoms, sea waves, exotic flowers and rice patterns.

What’s the secret? It puts light pressure on the eyeballs stimulating the vagus nerve and activating the parasympathetic nervous system thus relaxing the whole body & mind by taking you within, into a quiet space, your space.

Whether used for travel, yoga or simply to help you drift off, it makes a perfect companion of your everyday life.

The women behind

Two women, Daphne and Kasia, a yoga teacher and a student, start Infinit Kimono to share with the world what they most love: Union, Connection and Femininity.

After years in Japan, Daphne decided to ship to Amsterdam beautiful hand-made vintage kimonos that would never be worn again and give them a new life. Together with Kasia they transform them into stunning eye pillows and other beautiful garments.

The eye pillow is created from a Kimono or part of it, remodeled into a new product, a sustainable and environmentally conscious process also known as upcycling.  Upcycling is creative reuse, which results in a creation of a product of greater quality, such as artistic value or environmental value. 


Weight0,25 kg
Dimensions24 × 10 × 2 cm


  1. user

    “ I always take it with me when I travel, really helps me to sleep anywhere” S.B.

  2. user

    “ The most beautiful eye pillows I ve ever seen. The Japanese silk material is stunning, a beautiful work of art. I feel like a queen with my Kimono eye pillow. Love having one always by my yoga mat and another one by my bed.” D.L.

  3. user

    “ Fantastic way to naturally fall asleep, when I put my eye pillow I just drift away with the calming smell of lavender. I am no longer bothered by the light in the room when my partner goes to sleep later. Great addition to our lifes!” M.C.

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The Eye Pillow

The eye pillow is made of recycled silk, cotton and linen and is filled with organic rice and lavender flowers.

In need of a break? Whether you are in your yoga mat, your bed, sofa or travelling, simply put the eye pillow on your closed eyes and relax ….

What’s the secret? It puts light pressure on the eyeballs stimulating the vagus nerve and activating the parasympathetic nervous system thus relaxing your whole body. Whether used for travel, yoga class or simply to help you drift off before a night’s sleep, it makes a perfect companion in your everyday life. It will relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

The cover is removable for dry cleaning. Do not use water to clean silk.

TIP: For extra relaxation you can spray some Lavender water on your face for the calming scent to go even longer.

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