The essence of 200 year old ancestral wisdom

Sadhev comes from artisanal ayurvaids whose roots go back to Kerala 200 years ago.
Perfecting the art of Ayurveda generation after generation.

200-year-old lineage: Two centuries of wisdom in a bottle
Sadhev’s signature potions have their origins dating back to early 19th century- to a legacy carefully built by Ayurvedic healer and physician Brahmasree Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar. The heritage of his recipes and treatments has been passed over three generations and is today the essence of Sadhev.


Sadhevana : the smell of pure Earth
Sadhev’s treatments are sourced from Sadhevana, our very own 80 acre sustainably grown organic sanctuary of exotic botanicals and foliage carefully cultivated in South India. Sadhevana has been blessed with a rare, fertile blend of three kinds of soil – red soil, sandy soil and gravel that has enabled the growth of a variety of crops, herbs, medicinal botanicals and exotic trees.  Farmers of Sadhevana nurture the Earth with care, using sustainable farming practices steeped in ancient agricultural wisdom.


Cruelty Free. Beauty with a conscience
Sadhev offers socially responsible beauty and wellness care. The ingredients are 100% vegetarian and are sourced without harming the environment. The brand stands firmly against animal testing and ensures no harm to animals or nature all through the product journey- from sourcing the ingredients all through the supply chain, to the creation of the product till it reaches you.


Paraben & Sulphate free. Pure on skin. Pure on heart.
Sadhev offers handcrafted luxury Ayurvedic care, inspired by nature. Each potion of Sadhev is infused with precious insights from traditional Ayurveda, delicately blended with pure ingredients, sourced responsibly and carefully from nature. Our products are completely free of parabens, sulphates and any kind of harmful chemicals.


Handcrafted in India. From the heart of one of the world’s oldest civilizations Every creation of Sadhev is tenderly crafted with love in India, the land that holds the inestimable secrets and knowledge of Ayurveda. Every Sadhev product is evocative of the true spirit of Indian Ayurvedic wisdom.


Giving back. Make a purchase today and gift a grove for tomorrow

We have partnered with to help us plant a tree for every purchase you make with us. The Earth generously gives unto us and we would love to show our gratitude for this. Planting more trees helps to replenish the planet, making sure the cycle of life is always thriving.


The people behind

The beginning is always from the roots:  A journey with his mother to his ancestral home in the quaint town of Vallapad in Kerala, to pay respects to their forefather, Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar, stirred the beginning of Sadhev for Lasakan Cholayil.


Renowned for his unconventional healing techniques during his time, Vaidyar was regarded as the doyen of Ayurveda for having created countless miraculous treatments and exceptional cures.

200 years later, a sunny afternoon walk in his ancestral hometown, by the meandering blue streams across the endless coconut groves sparked the idea of bringing the secrets and science of his forefather’s Ayurvedic experience for the modern connoisseur of today.

Lasakan’s flame grew brighter as he continued to fuel his ignited passion with a desire to bring to this world of noise, chaos, chemicals and plastics a solution from ancient wisdom that would restore, perfect inner balance and enchanting outer beauty.   


Lasakan and his mother Jayadevi Cholayil launched Sadhev, a stirring curation of exotic beauty and wellness treatments in 2019. The luxury Ayurvedic care blissfully blends the science of wellness with the art of Ayurveda to create an inextricable symphony of the body, mind and soul. 


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paraben free
sulphate free

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