Our Ayurvedic tips for the spring

Ayurveda in the SPRING

KAPHA dosha is the most prominent dosha in spring. During spring, the temperature increases and causes Kapha and toxins we collected over winter, to melt and liquify. Actually similar to snow in the mountains, which begins to trickle down in the form of mountain streams during spring.

The melting of Kapha results in our digestive fire becoming weaker, this in its turn can result in toxins not getting digested properly which can lead to imbalance. Therefore, everybody should undergo a detox during spring, to remove toxins and to rekindle the digestive fire.

Many people experience Spring as their favorite season. This is because Vata dosha, according to the natural cycle of the seasons, calms down in Spring. The heavy, grounding quality of spring calms down the nervous system, which has been shaken up by Vata dosha since autumn.

Others just do not like the spring: they suffer from spring fatigue and even depression. This is a sign of excess Kapha, toxins and a weakened digestive fire. Colds and mucus can also come about in the spring and are a sign of a weak digestive system too. Kapha is in fact responsible for the production of mucus in the body!

Kapha dosha must be balanced and remain healthy in the spring, and the following remedies will definitely help you with that!


  • Get up early! After sunrise it’s Kapha time. When you sleep through this, Kapha may increase and makes you feel drowsy and heavy all day.
  • Massage yourself vigorously daily for at least 10 days with warm oil. Use herbal Ayurvedic oils such as Sugandhadi Rejuvenating Body Treatment. Focus n the areas with more stagnation. Take a cold shower after the massage. This massage helps to dissipate toxins, excess water and cellulite from the system!
  • Get plenty of physical exercise, work out and adapt your yoga on to more substantial exercises. Put the focus on warming exercises that stimulate digestion and do chest openers, to allowing mucous to drain.
  • Good spring pranayama is Kapalabati (Breath of Fire). As the name implies, this stimulates the digestive fire. Sit up straight and breathe out forcefully moving your belly button inwards. The inspiration comes automatically. Repeat about 100 times. You can do these exercises in the morning, but also before every meal.
  • Adjust your diet. In the spring focus on a Kapha reducing diet. Eat food which is warm and easily digestible (dry and low fat). Focus on green vegetables (like spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus, paksoi) and mung beans. When possible, avoid dairy products and carbohydrates such as bread and potatoes to ease your digestive system. Emphasis should be on foods that taste bitter and sour. Make sure you add enough warming spices like cayenne, black pepper, cloves and cinnamon. Avoid salt.
  • Do not eat too much and be moderate with snacks.
  • Do a natural detox, for example, only eat mungsoep or kitcheri (a famous Indian dish that is very easy to digest) for a few days.
  • A good cleansing tea is a blend of cumin, coriander and fennel seed (equal amounts). You can drink this all day.
  • A visit to the sauna helps to sweat out toxins. It’s even better when you massage yourself with warm oil in the sauna. This loosens the toxins and this helps you to make them sweat out easier. 
  • If you feel tired, do not nap, instead go for a walk! Consequently you prevent more build-up of toxins, which are the cause of your fatigue!

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