Want a fresh breath and whiter teeth?
The daily use of a tongue cleanser, also called a tongue scraper, is an effective way to remove oral bacteria from your tongue, a must for a happy and healthy tongue, mouth and gut.

You will be surprised what a difference such a simple daily habit will make in your life!

In Ayurveda tongue cleansing is an important part of daily hygiene, from which you can learn a lot about your health and habits. Every morning when you wake up note how coated your tongue is and how your breath smells. If there’s a lot of coating on the tongue this can mean you haven t digested your evening meal properly or you ate too late and there are still many toxins in the system. By following this routine you come in contact with your body and become aware of what is going on. This knowledge gives you the power to create a better health by altering your behavior.

Did you know we can accumulate up to 20 million bacteria in our mouth?
Scraping your tongue every morning prevents the build-up of bacteria and oral plaque and, as a result will lead to a better oral health, fresher breath and a clearer skin since all those bacteria won’t re-enter the digestive system.

This practice is super-simple, inexpensive and can save you some visits to the dentist, whilst improving your general wellbeing and boosting your confidence when it comes to opening your mouth.

What are the benefits of cleaning your tongue?

  • Removes oral bacteria.
  • Freshens breath and improves overall oral hygiene.
  • Whitens teeth due to minimising plaque and decay in your mouth.
  • Helps to detoxify your body since the scraped toxins will be removed and not be digested again.
  • Heightens tastebud sensitivity as excess toxins clogging taste buds will be removed.
  • Improves digestion since scraping sends and indirect message to all internal organs and stimulates gastric fire and digestive enzymes.

Why copper?   The plastic and stainless steel products on the market are not so hygienic and are less durable. This tongue cleanser is made out of 100% Antimicrobial Pure Copper, a bacteria-resistant material very well suited to do this job.

What do the dentists say?   “The tongue is like a carpet — it collects a lot of junk and should be cleaned every day,” according to Dr. Plotnick. She says that what you’re actually cleaning are the “papillae,” or the little fleshy structures that coat the tongue’s surface, which are where dead cells, food debris, and bacteria can accumulate and ultimately cause bad breath. A scraper will really help alleviate bad breath. She notes that plastic scrapers are less durable and harder to sterilize. To get the most out of your tongue scraping, Plotnick encourages patients to use the tool first thing in the morning, and says for the best results you should stick your tongue out all the way and scrape from the very back to the tip, never in reverse. “Rinse the scraper after each pass to avoid re-depositing any debris back on the tongue,” she says. “Keep going until the scraper no longer picks anything up and your tongue is a fleshy, pink color.”

How do I use it?   First thing in the morning before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth,  take the two ends of the tongue cleanser in each hand and stick out your tongue. Gently scrape from the back of the tongue forwards several times (approx. 7 to 14 strokes) until rinsing off any white mucus. Rinse your mouth, brush your teeth and wash the Tongue Tingler with hot water. Store in a clean, dry place.To retain the lustre of copper you can clean it periodically with a bit of lemon juice and salt.

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