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Exquisite Ayurvedic Aromatic Massage Oils rooted in tradition, ecological, sustainable, attractively packaged in Nordic design and socially integrative.


Our Values

Āsmi means “ I am” and stands for modern Ayurvedic Lifestyle: pure, close to nature, individual and timeliness.



At the centre of our philosophy is the 5,000-year-old Indian healing art of Ayurveda. It is based on the five elements of nature and the three doshas that are individual to each person. We work exclusively with renowned Ayurveda experts to transfer the holistic teachings to our products.


In addition to a conscious approach to ourselves, a conscious approach to resources is  important to us. Our actions are holistic, fair and climate-positive. Resource-saving production is particularly important to us. Our packaging materials are plant based and sourced locally.

We share the same values with our carefully selected partners to ensure a transparent supply chain with less CO2 emissions.

But we don’t just want to compensate the CO2 emissions, we also support the construction of a biogas plant in India. It enables the local people to cook without firewood and deliberately aims to end the deforestation of the surrounding forests.

In this way, we protect the environment and at the same time sustainably improve the quality of life. A win-win situation for all, which corresponds exactly to the values of Āsmi.


We are all part of a community. We are aware of this and we want to live it. That’s why inclusion is a natural part of our corporate DNA. Our team consists of 2,500 people with and without disabilities. Our motto is  “Diversity is our strength!”.


Murali Nair, Founder

In India, I grew up in a region called Kerala. There I lived with my family on a farm with hundreds of coconut trees and huge rice fields. Kerala is the place of origin of Ayurveda and was therefore also a part of my everyday life. When I was sick, my mother would gather tulsi leaves from the garden to make a tea for me. We used fresh homemade hibiscus paste as shampoo.
We ourselves were a part of nature and discovered our treasures in it. We were taught to always take care of it. Just as important as the love for nature was always the love for our fellow human beings: My father, who owned the only car in town, drove all the children from the neighbourhood to school when it rained, the family doctor treated the poor for free.
After moving to Germany to research and teach on sustainability and economic ethics, I put into practice what I teach and created Āsmi Ayurveda – a lifestyle brand with authentic products, developed with Ayurvedic experts, which has a climate-positive effect.

Sophia Cara Hahn, Co- Founder

I am Sophia Cara Hahn, business psychologist (M.Sc.), yoga teacher and in training to become an Ayurvedic health counsellor. My desire is to create a healthy foundation for people on which resilience and balance can be built.

Dr. Sreekrishnan, Ayurveda Mentor

Dr. Sreekrishnan is a second generation Ayurvedic doctor. He researched and taught Ayurveda for more than 35 years before setting up his own clinic in Kerala. His specialisation is in dermatology . He is Murali’s family doctor and develops the formulations of asmi products.

Dr Sreekrishnan was selected by the Indian Ayurveda Ministry to train the next generation of doctors. His clinic receives patients from Asia, Europe and the USA. Every Friday, patients who cannot pay for the consultation are treated free of charge.

 Nina Bruun, Design

Nina Bruun is an accomplished Danish designer, she has received the Red Dot Design Award and her work has been included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

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