Aunty B

Aunty B

Beautiful Indian block-printed cotton toiletry bags. Hand-made using the traditional process typical of the Rajasthan region in India.Kerala Green, Anokhi Pink, Marigold on Purple, Yellow Anabelle,…. an oasis of flowers, colors and vibrations capable of transporting us to the heart of India.
Aunty B comes from the love for India
Aunty B comes from the love for India. Three years living in India were enough to make Blanca fall in love with the splendid local craftsmanship. A treasure that, after frequent trips around the Indian geography, she decided to share by teaming up with her sister Posi to found Aunty B. A store whose name is emotionally linked to India: the children Blanca used to take care of in India called her ‘Aunty Blanca’.

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