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At we are delighted to bring the best Ayurvedic Beauty and Lifestyle products directly from India for you.

We select them carefully and lovingly to make a difference.

We choose exclusively prime quality products we have tested and use ourselves.

We love sharing Ayurvedic wisdom and inspiring you to adjust your lifestyle by incorporating certain small simple steps into your daily routine that can make a big difference in your everyday wellbeing.

This is why we have selected this prime quality authentic Ayurvedic copper tongue cleaner for you.

Thicker, stronger, and prettier than other in the market. And with a lovely organic cotton bag, ideal for hygiene, travel or gifting.

This little copper tool, My Happy Tongue, known as tongue cleaner or tongue scraper, is the most effective way to remove oral bacteria from your tongue, an essential device for a Happy & Healthy Tongue.

More effective than cleaning with a toothbrush which tends to push bacteria back into the mouth.

In Ayurveda tongue cleansing is an important part of daily hygiene, from which you can learn a lot about your health and habits.

Every morning when you wake up note how coated your tongue is and how your breath smells. If there is a lot of coating on the tongue this can mean you haven’t digested your dinner properly or you ate too late and there are still many toxins in the system.

By following this regime you come in contact with your body and become aware what is going on.

This knowledge gives you the power to create a better health by altering your behavior.

My Happy Tongue is made out of 100% Antimicrobial Pure Copper, a bacteria-resistant material best suited to do this job. The plastic and stainless steel products on the market are not so hygienic and are less durable.

The tongue cleaner is recommended by dental hygienists.

This super-simple practice is inexpensive and can save you some visits to the dentist, whilst at the same time improving your general wellbeing and boosting your confidence when it comes to opening your mouth.

You will be surprised what a difference such a simple daily habit will have on your life!


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